Manual Staple Guns

For general home projects manual staple guns are the best choice. They are cheap, smaller in size, easily portable and easy to use.

As the name suggests, these staple guns are powered manually. That’s, you will need to squeeze the handle to punch the staple out.

They are ideal for smaller home DIY projects like;

  • Home decorating (like Christmas, birthday events etc)
  • General repairs
  • Crafts
  • Kids projects
  • Stapling cartons
  • Upholstery repair
  • Cable/wire installation

Manul staple guns are easy to load (Here is a loading guide, just in case). They work almost like a regular office staple. To replace the staples open the rear end of the gun, pull the springy pusher out (it works similar to the one in an office stapler), slide the new set of staples, reinsert the pusher, close the lid and you are good to go stapling.


  • A wide range of design and style is available
  • No external power source is not required
  • Effortless loading


  • Manul guns are no fun for big works.

Best Manual Staple Guns for 2019

If you already decided a manual staple gun is the one for you, here is the list of my best staple gun choices;

1. Stanley TR 250 Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Stanley tr250 staple gun


Extremely easy to use, Very easy to load, High performance and very Few Misfires, Ideal for upholstery


The product has nothing to disappoint you. It’s perfect.

Bottom Line:

It’s a massive duty manual staple gun with excellent performance and design. Investing in this product can be a wise decision.Check Price and Details in Amazon

2. Stanley TR 150 HL Heavy Duty Staple Gun


Easy to load and use, Perfect depth setting, Quick execution, Strong staples.


The product has everything to make your job easy. However, it requires quite more hand strength to push the handle down to push out the staple.

Bottom Line:

Overall, it’s an easy to use product with high performance. If it’s in your budget, you can invest.Check Price and Details in Amazon

3. Dewalt DWHTTR350 Aluminium Stapler


Heavy duty stapler, Best for upholstery, Can set multiple staples without jamming, Easy to use and operate.


Everything is excellent, except it does not support ⅝ nail as advertised.

Bottom Line:

It’s a lightweight easy to use product with decent features. Even, girls and women can operate this staple gun conveniently.Check Price and Details in Amazon

4. BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker

BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker


It’s an efficient heavy duty staple gun, Excellent grip, Effortless aiming, Easy to operate, Great build quality, Powerful stapling.


Handle require more force to execute the staple. Thus, women may encounter difficulties.

Bottom Line:

It’s one of the most elegant heavy-duty staplers that offers what it says with excellent performance and build quality.Check Price and Details in Amazon

5. Arrow Fastener T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun


Excellent build quality, Great Grip, It’s strong and durable, No jamming and perfect stapling.


It can be quite hard to press the handle. Also, it requires both your hands to operate.

Bottom Line:

It’s not the best one but can be a good choice if you’re looking for some long lasting staple gun with great features and functionality.

Check Price and Details in Amazon

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