Best Staple Gun Reviews

Best Manual Staple Guns

Here is the list of our best manual staple guns;

Stanley TR250
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Stanley TR150HL
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Dewalt DWHTTR350
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Arrow Fastener T50
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Pros Extremely easy to use, Very easy to load, High performance and very Few Misfires, Ideal for upholstery Easy to load and use, Perfect depth setting, Quick execution, Strong staples Heavy duty stapler, Best for upholstery, Can set multiple staples without jamming, Easy to use and operate It's an efficient heavy duty staple gun, Excellent grip, Effortless aiming, Easy to operate, Great build quality, Powerful stapling" Excellent build quality, Great Grip, It's strong and durable, No jamming and perfect stapling
Cons The product has nothing to disappoint you. It's perfect. The product has everything to make your job easy. However, it requires quite more hand strength to push the handle down to push out the staple. Everything is excellent, except it does not support ⅝ nail as advertised. Handle require more force to execute the staple. Thus, women may encounter difficulties. It can be quite hard to press the handle. Also, it requires both your hands to operate.
Bottom Line It's a massive duty manual staple gun with excellent performance and design. Investing in this product can be a wise decision. Overall, it's an easy to use product with high performance. If it's in your budget, you can invest. It's a lightweight easy to use product with decent features. Even, girls and women can operate this staple gun conveniently. It's one of the most elegant heavy-duty staplers that offers what it says with excellent performance and build quality. It's not the best one but can be a good choice if you're looking for some long lasting staple gun with great features and functionality.

What are manual staple guns?

Manual Staple Guns are the most common choice for domestic projects. They are not much costly and immensely easier to use. As the name suggests, these staple gun require manual inputs. That’s, you will need to squeeze the handle to punch the staple out. They are ideal for smaller home DIY projects that don’t involve multiple pressing.


  • A wide range of design and style is available
  • No external power source is not required
  • Effortless loading


  • Frequent usage can lead to muscle fatigue
  • Grip strength is mandatory
  • Staple can get jammed easily

Best Electric Staple Guns

Here is the list of our top electric staple guns;

Stanley TRE550Z
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Arrow Fastener T50OCD
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Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT
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Duo-Fast ENC-5418A
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Paslode 900078NT
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Pros It's heavy duty electric staple gun, Works very efficiently, Effortless operation and super easy to use, Perfect for upholstery and carpet tacking purposes Powerful tool, Easy loading and firing, Long lasting battery backup, Value for money No Jams, The safety switch is provided, Fires without fail, Save time and effort, Quality build "No jams, Efficient performance, Quality build, Made to last longer, Great aiming, Easy to operate, Easy to load" Jam-free performance, Perfect fire every time, Excellent aiming, Works effortlessly and conveniently
Cons The product has nothing to disappoint you at any stage. It's a quality product that deserves investment. It has everything that will help you to do stapling with ease. There is no displeasing factor associated with it. The product doesn't come with the battery and is quite heavy to hold and handle. Simply “Best.” It has nothing to disappoint you. It supports only 13 mm staples.
Bottom Line It's one of the best electric staple guns in the market that you must have. Whether you talk about its features, performance or build quality, it has everything to impress you. Its a value for money product with decent features. Investing in this product can be a great decision. It's another best electric staple gun designed to offer extremely satisfactory performance. Well, it has some minor CONs, but with time you will get comfortable with it. It's a perfect electric staple gun that works very efficiently and will not disappoint you at all. It worths buying. It's another must have electric staple gun that deserves your investment. High performance, decent feature, easy to use, isn't that enough to have a staple gun?

What are electric staple guns?

They are battery or electricity powered staple guns. The best thing about electric staple guns is that they don’t require an external force to operate. There is a trigger provided with electric staple guns that need to get pressed, and that’s it. They are quite expensive than the manual ones. These staple guns are ideal for affixing carpeting, stretching canvas for artwork and tacking screening on windows and doors frame, etc. There is a wide range of style and design available to choose from by usage.


  • Easy to use
  • Best for bigger projects
  • Support tacks or staples
  • A safety switch is provided to prevent misfires


  • Power is required
  • Can lead to accidents if not used properly
  • Expensive than the manual staple guns
  • Must be kept out of children’s reach

Best Pneumatic Staple Guns

Here is the list of our top pneumatic staple guns;

WEN 61720
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Surebonder 9600B
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Hitachi N3804AB3
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Arrow Fastener Arrow PT50
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Surebonder 9600AK
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Pros Best Performance, Value For Money, Ideal for most of the domestic projects, Extremely fair price, Quality build, Amazing features Great for furniture upholstery, Sturdy product, Require minimum pressure to make a connection, Lightweight, Easy to hold and operate Highly functional, Value for money product, Easy to operate and use, Can be used for various purposes, Great build quality, Performance is exceptional There is no jamming scenario, Save time and efforts, No hand fatigues, Excellent performance, Decent features and design Extremely fair price product, Ideal for upholstery projects, Comes with storage case, oil and staple packs, Value for money product
Cons It's quite expensive. Thus, buy only if it meets your requirements and don't affect your budget. There is no negative factor associated with this tool, other than “It's costly product.” There is nothing to worry about. It's a quality product that will impress you with its performance. There can occasionally misfire. "The plastic storage case provided smells nasty."td>
Bottom Line It's the best pneumatic staple gun that you can have. It's expensive but the kind of quality and features it has, it deserves buying. You can use this staple gun for most of your projects and purposes. It's an all in one tool. Go and grab it if it's in your budget. It's available at an extremely fair price. You will get everything that you're seeking for with this pneumatic staple gun. It's an efficient tool that can do every job conveniently. It's excellent performance, and design deserves the investment. It's an excellent inexpensive stapler tool that you must have. You can use this tool for most of your domestic and professional projects.

What Are Pneumatic Staple Guns?

Pneumatic staple guns are best for industrial and professional projects. These staple guns operate under compressed air power. They are known to drive multiple drives simultaneously with ease. They are not ideal for the domestic purpose but are best for industrial and large project purposes. They are best for installing, carpeting and affixing roofing felt.


  • They are the most powerful tools
  • Support more fasteners than manual and electric staple guns
  • Effortless operation and comfortable to hold
  • Best for heavy duty tasks


  • Operates on compressed air power
  • Dangerous as compared to electric and manual staple guns
  • Noise pollution
  • Very expensive

Things to look for when buying a staple gun

It’s never so easy to find out the best. Thus we spent hours to come up with the top rated products that we have mentioned and reviewed above. Here we have listed some Key points that were the part of our product research and selection process.


Not all staple guns are meant for all purposes. They are designed and manufactured for both domestic and industrial purposes like to repair broken and damaged wooden stuff in our homes, for gardening projects, to shape projects with ease in industries, decoration purposes, and carpeting.

So, how do you which one is right for what purposes? You can find the satisfactory answer to this question below;

  • Light Duty

If you’re looking for the right staple gun for light duty craft or any small household task, electric and pneumatic guns can help you to deal with all those purposes with ease. Avoid using manual staple guns for such purposes as they are not ideal and will not offer satisfactory performance.


Household Purposes

If you want to repair or make some creative household stuff, you can opt any of the three staple guns. However, if you’re working on larger household projects that do not involve repetitive stapling, always choose manual staple guns. If you’re working on small projects, don’t use manual staple guns, use pneumatic and electric guns only.

  • Industrial or professional purposes

If you’re working on industrial or professional projects, pneumatic staple guns can do magic for you. These staple guns are designed to drive multiple staples, nails, and stacks quickly with ease. Pneumatic staple guns are best for larger projects. Most of the carpet and flooring installers, construction workers and electrician prefer pneumatic staple gun because of its high performance and ease of use.

Size Of The Staples

Another major factor that we considered was the size of staples that a staple gun accepts. The more size and type of staple a gun will allow, the better will be the investment. 

Flat crowned staples are best for multipurpose use when fastening one surface to the other. Well, if you’re using a manual staple gun, staples sizes don’t come into the picture as they are designed to shoot only half inches staples. If you’re going to use pneumatic or electrical staple guns, it’s necessary that you consider staple sizes before investing in the product. 

Here we’ve provided a table that will you to get familiar with staple/fasteners sizes and choose the right one.

Staple Capacity

The stapling capacity defines the efficiency of a staple gun. It’s the ability to drive set of staples together and in minimum time. There is a wide range of staple gun available with high efficiency. There are one that makes two staples together; there are others that drive multiple staples until the time you will keep it’s trigger down. 

Build Quality Of The Gun

The build quality stands for the lifespan and performance of staple gun product. Staple guns are designed to operate efficiently. Staple guns are made of multiple parts that work together to make the operation effortless. These parts punch the staple out with powerful and accurate force. So, if the build quality is compromised, its evident that the staple gun will not perform the task efficiently and conveniently. 

Ease Of Use

That’s the most important factor to be considered while investing in a staple gun. Always check the weight of particular staple gun. The bulkier your staple gun will be, the more difficult it will be to hold and operate. 

All staple guns are not identical as different manufacturers manufacture them. So, their shape and sizes vary. Thus, make sure that the particular staple gun that you’re going to buy is lightweight and have excellent handgrip to hold. It will make the entire stapling process more comfortable and convenient. 


Warranty plays an important role. Warranty is offered with various staple gun products to boost your satisfaction level. In case, at any stage, if you will find your staple gun malfunctioning or technically damaged, the manufacturer can replace or repair the respective product. So, the warranty is something that adds more values to your investment.

Things You Can Do With A Staple Gun

Staple guns came into use for the various purpose. They are known to make DIY much easier. Here we have listed some common purposes for which you can consider staple guns.

For Wood-based Projects

Is there any damaged table, box or frame in your house that you want to repair? Staple guns can help you to do so with ease. Even in industries, staple guns are used for various purposes like assembling wooden parts, shaping projects, etc. 

Fixing Your Motorcycle Seat

When it is about installing motorcycle seat, pneumatic staple guns are the best. They help you to fix motorcycle seats with ease without any hassle.

Carpentry Projects

Staple guns can help you to deal with most of home improvement projects. Carpentry is one of the most common purposes staple guns are considered for. Staple guns can fix your carpet on the walls and floors with ease.

Academic Projects

If you have some academic projects, the staple gun is the best tool to shape your project. Also, teachers use these tools in the academic labs to demonstrate things by altering the shape of the objects.


Staple guns are must-have tools for upholstery projects. They help to fix staples through the fabric to the frame of sofa or chairs to tighten the fabric, prevent creases and proper covering.

Staple guns are best for insulation purposes. Suppose you want to soundproof your room or premises, the most straightforward approach is to fix carpet on the wall using staple guns. Similarly, you can insulate different objects and premises by using staple guns.

Plywood Projects

Staple guns are the ideal choice when it is about securing plywood decking and sheathing. With the help of staple guns, you can extend the lifespan of objects made of plywood.

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